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                  Professional Factory, Worldwide View

                  Atairac is a Sino-French cooperation enterprise, By technology cooperating with the French crusher company ALTAIRAC with a history over hundred years, Atairac engages in further research & development, manufacture and sales of the crushing equipment in China.

                  Strength creates quality, Profession builds brand

                  Atairac production base covers more than 300000 square meters, with 20 pre-sales service engineers, 102 process engineers, 65 design engineers, over 500 production engineers, over 60 after-sales service engineers.

                  Base in Shanghai, Serve the worldwide

                  Atairac products have been exported to over hundreds of countries and regions such as Europe, South & North American, Asia, Oceania and the Middle East. Atairac provides customers with complete crushing system solution by first class quality and perfect service system.

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