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  • GZD series vibrating feeder
    GZD series vibrating feeder
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    • Working Principle

    GZD Series Vibrating Feeders are mainly used to continuously and evenly feed large-block materials to primary crusher, meanwhile having the function of pre-screening the materials.


    1.The vibrating motor working as the vibration source ensures the great impact of large-block materials and greatly lifts the feeding capacity.
    2.Simple structure, even vibration and feeding, good continuity and easy maintenance.
    3.It realizes the purpose of pre-screening through clearing the mud and fine materials by the rods or sieve plate while feeding.
    4.Low noise and energy consumption, easy maintenance.
    Model Max. Feed Size
    Rotating Speed
    GZD95×300 400 980 -120 3.7×2 2996×1750×1651
    GZD100×300 400 980 -150 5.5×2 2996×1800×1751
    GZD100×360 500 980 -150 5.5×2 3745×1950×1919
    GZD120×360 500 740 -180 6.5×2 3745×2150×2101
    GZD120×420 600 740 -200 6.5×2 4347×2150×2182

    The exciter works as the vibration source of the vibrating feeder which is composed of two eccentric shafts (driving shaft and driven shaft) and gears. The electromotor drives the driving shaft to rotate at high speed, the gear of the driving shaft engages with the driven shaft, and then the two shafts rotate together in the reverse direction that make the trough body to move forward the material continuously. When the material moves along the grizzly bar, the material that is smaller than the screen hole will drop down the gap between grizzly bar, thus realizing classifying.
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